6 Reasons Why Toronto Should Rank Number One On Your Vacation list

With so much to see in this really big world, deciding on a vacation destination can be a bit complicated. Apart from the research and phone calls that can prove to be time consuming there is also the inherent fear that haunts most vacation planners, am I making the right decision. To effectively choose a vacation destination that will not be a memory scar one has to have a checklist that highlights all the positive and negative sides of any location. To help our many tourists that come to Toronto we have prepared a list of 6 reasons that classify Toronto as the number one tourist destination.


Despite what is believed of many large cities Toronto is one of the safest cities in North America. Tourists who come to Toronto and want to enjoy both nightlife and daytime entertainment can do so without thinking twice of being 'tucked' in before midnight. The likelihood of being attacked while shopping, walking or doing just about any normal activity is one in a million.

Cultural Diversity.

Whether you are from the sunny island of Jamaica of the freezing corners of the Artarctica, you are bound to find some familiar reference point in Toronto. Most times people have fear of 'standing out' a bit too much in an unfamiliar country, but with Toronto you will be so amazed at its cultural diversity you will feel at home in seconds.The hospitality of most Canadians is also worth mentioning, we all know how frustrating it can be in a big city alone and with little guide, however with Toronto you will definitely create a few friendship ties before getting back home.

Cultural Parks and Recreation.

The word 'boredom' is not part of the routine of Toronto. There are many attractive parks to catch one's attention and are located quite close to the city. These parks not only complement the architectural beauty of Toronto they are an excellent option for any tourist who wants to tap into his natural side. Hundreds of beautiful, exotic flowers have been carefully planted to make Toronto a 'natural getaway'. These however are just a few of the many recreation options to see, there are museums, festivals and many historic and artistic exibitions to also add purpose for your vacation trip.


If you are keen on maintaining a budget or not, Toronto has a wide range of hotels and furnished apartments that will suite anyone. You will never be 'out in the cold ' in Toronto as there are many offers for hotels, bed and breakfast, cooperate housing and the list goes on and on.All that is required is a little research and you will find the option that suits your vacation or business plans.

Food and places to eat

Just like its size Toronto has a numerous choices in food and places to eat that embrace both vegetarians and non vegetarians. You will not have to walk for miles to find what you are looking for, the variety in food is just as impressive as its cultural diversity. Whether you are looking for McDonalds or a sophisticated restaurant that has a mouth watering cuisine Toronto has it all.


As a Tourist you will not have to worry about Taxi fees to get from one point to the nest. Toronto has been carefully planned to ensure that all tourist points have adequate means of transportation. The transport system is not only efficient but also safe.