Work all day, Play all night

Extended business trips (a month or longer) can be hard as you travel day in and day out from your hotel, work place and restaurant. You get tired of being cooped up in a hotel room watching HBO and eating takeout from the corner Chinese restaurant. Well, for anyone traveling to Toronto for business, this does not have to be the case. You can leave behind the drudgery of a hotel room and settle comfortably in your own suite at Toronto Suites. With some hotel amenities, Toronto Suites give business travelers the opportunity to cook their own food and sit down at their own table for breakfast rather than waiting for some eggs and bacon while your coffee gets cold. Toronto Suites will help you to forget that cooped up feeling, but only you can completely vanquish the feeling by exploring the city. Centrally located, Toronto Suites situates you do be all business during the day and all play at night. Whether you prefer to be indoors or outside, at dance clubs or museums, Toronto has a thriving night life that can tempt anyone.

Outside Attractions

If you find yourself in Toronto during the summer months and want a small excursion, you should take a little day trip to Sunnyside amusement park. The most popular attraction at the park is the bathing pavilion. During a hot day this can be the perfect trip; you can splash about in the water and then have a refreshing beverage in the caf