Living in Downtown Toronto: Big Deal?

Whether living in Toronto or are just visiting, the downtown area is where to find excitement with countless interesting things to do and fun activities that can keep you occupied for as long as you have. There is something to satisfy every interest and days are easily spent exploring with family and friends, or even independantly.

Toronto is a very diverse city both culturally and in terms of the attractions and activities it has to offer. Many of these attractions are located in the downtown area, making them extremely easy to visit. Living in downtown toronto gives you the advantage of accessing all of these exciting activities as well as work and anemities within the distance of a short walk, subway, or streetcar ride. Downtown living makes it finally possible to say goodbye to traffic, travel time, and bordom. Below a few activities are listed to fit whatever your interests may be.

Got Kids? Are You a Big Kid?

The Children's Own Museum is designed specifically for children between the ages of 2 and 8. Everything is designed to be hands on; perfect for your curious little youngster. Kids can choose from a range of activites such as quiet reading, or set up their own caf