Tips For Relocating To Toronto

You put a lot of effort into applying for that out-of-town job in Toronto and, now, it's official. You got the job! Congratulations! You've called all your friends and family and spent the night celebrating. Now what? The thought of relocating, that was so hypothetical yesterday, is now a reality. There is so much to consider, you may find your mind spinning. Relax, take a deep breath, and use the following suggestions as one of your resources for taking some of the stress out of moving on to your new adventure.


Make sure you know exactly when your new Toronto employer expects you to report to work. If you are currently employed, you should work with your new employer to arrange a starting date that gives your current employer appropriate notice. It is just as important to leave a job in a professional manner as it is to begin a new one.


Will your new employer provide some or all of the funds needed to pay for your moving costs? Whether or not this help is available, you should ask around your circle of friends for recommended movers. There are also several websites available in which customers rate their experiences with various moving companies. If cost is an issue, you can save money by packing most of your belongings, yourself, and just have the movers handle your furniture and your packed boxes. If you pack your own boxes, be sure to use sturdy boxes with strong strapping tape. And, don't forget to mark each box with a permanent marker as to the contents of the box and to which room the box will belong. Remember to pack heavy items, such as books, in smaller boxes and save the larger boxes for bulky but lightweight items such as pillows and lampshades. If you have a strong back, some willing friends, and a small amount to move, you might consider renting a truck to move yourself.

Where? (exactly)

It is best to make a scouting trip, or two, to look for housing. In addition to finding something within your price range, consider whether or not you want to buy or rent, whether you want a detached home, a condo, or an apartment. Do you want to live in the middle of the action in the city, or in a quieter suburb? Do you have a family? Pets? What would make for the most comfortable and convenient setting for all concerned? Ask your new employer for guidance as to the best neighborhoods for you particular needs and utilize the Internet city search sites that give helpful information and statistics for Toronto life. If the time is drawing near and you are still unable to find a place to live, consider having the moving company store your furniture while you rent a furnished apartment in Toronto. Toronto Suites offers just the thing for people needing at least 30 days to find a permanent home. You will have a comfortably furnished apartment with fully equipped kitchen and weekly housekeeping and linen service. Perfect for providing you a home away from home while you search for a permanent residence.