Extended Stay Hotels Make Your Second Home

In the last few years extended stay hotels that were once considered a trivial part of the hospitality industry, have come up as the most prospering vertical of this industry. Even the top hotel chains have invested heavily in this arena. Extended Stay America is one of the leaders in the name game of extended stay hotels, with over 680 properties across Canada and United States of America.

Expansion of industries has lead to the mushroom growth of manufacturing units in the suburbs. With businessmen and executives frequently travelling out of station for client meeting, the industrial growth has also given a tremendous boost to the hospitality, especially to the extended stay hotels in the suburbs.

At present, per the market demand, there are over 250,000 extended stay hotel rooms only in North America, run by around 30 hotel chains. They enjoy a growth rate of around five per cent per annum. Initially, the extended stay hotel was considered a small segment of the hotel industry. However, the success and high growth rate of this industry, made the top notch hotel brands jump into this foray. Today the situation is when a company plans to set up a unit at a new location the extended stay hotels is one of the prime factors of consideration.

Businessmen often travel to different cities on business tours. These extended stay suites are perfect for the business persons and vendors who need to stay out of hometown for a long period to work with outstation clients. Their business tours may be a week to a few months long. The feel at home atmosphere of the extended stay hotels is what sets them apart from the traditional hotels. Usually the extended stay hotels are essentially fully furnished apartments, providing spacious bedroom, living room and kitchen equipped with array of kitchenware including refrigerator, microwave oven and dishwasher. To make your stay as comfortable as home, there is also in-house provision for essential facilities