Bring Your Family on Your Next Toronto Business Trip

Extended, 30 day or longer, business trips can be good for your business life but hard on your family life. If your work entails a stay in Toronto, however, the furnished apartments available at Toronto Suites are the perfect solution. Staying in a Toronto furnished apartment, provides you and your family the best of both worlds-- home-like atmosphere and vacation-style luxury.

While you are busy at the office, rest assured your spouse and children are safe and comfortable in the spacious surroundings of your furnished apartment. Hotel rooms are often quite confining, not only to children, but to adults who enjoy room in which to "spread out" and not feel as though they are living out of their suitcases. With separate bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, eating areas, and kitchens, our furnished apartments will not find you tripping over the children's toys (or each other, for that matter!) And, of course, both parents and children will love the privacy of having their own bedrooms.

The fully equipped kitchens of our Toronto furnished apartments save you money on the expense of eating out every day. There are many fine restaurants in the area to enjoy but, especially when feeding an entire family, the costs of daily dining out can mount up quickly. Preparing many of your own meals also makes individual taste preferences, as well as dietary issues such as allergies, easier to deal with during an extended time away from home. And, as any parent can tell you, dining out with children is not always the most relaxing situation when you are concerned that your children's normal high energy level may be disturbing to your fellow restaurant patrons. So, save some money (and some stress) and use the modern kitchen in your apartment to prepare many of your meals. The money you save can be celebrated with a few special evenings out with the family.

Another wonderful amenity for families is our onsite laundry facilities. You can even arrange to have a washer and dryer available within your apartment, for ultimate convenience.

Entertainment is as close as the TV/DVD/VCR entertainment center in your furnished apartment. There are also nearby parks and playgrounds as well as a complimentary membership in a health club, perfect for expending pent-up energy, year-round.

And Toronto Suites does not neglect your beloved "4-legged" family members!

We know how important they are to you and they are most welcome here. Having the family pet along helps children, as well as adults, feel more at home. In many cases, it is also much less expensive than paying boarding fees for kennel care .

Although, our furnished apartments are wonderful for their home-like appeal, you will appreciate the luxury of weekly housekeeping and linen service as well as the beauty of our public spaces.

So, the next time your business requires an extended stay, go ahead and bring the family and enjoy the convenience and pleasure a Toronto furnished apartment can offer.