Corporate Housing, a Boon for the Toronto Business Traveler

You've landed the big project and now it's time to get down to business. But, what if that business is out of town and will take at least 30 days to do it justice? Well, if the business trip takes you to Toronto, you are in luck. "Right," you might be saying. 30 days or longer, living out of a suitcase in a crowded or expensive hotel room does not sound very exciting or conducive to productivity. The answer is to skip the hotel and stay in Toronto corporate housing. As you will learn, there are many advantages to staying in corporate housing.


In most cases, our corporate housing rental rates at Toronto Suites are lower than those at traditional hotels. Hotels normally charge by the day, rather than by the month, and that really adds up when you must stay for at least a month at the time. Another way in which you save is by utilizing our fully equipped kitchens for many of your meals. Sure, eating out in Toronto is something to enjoy, but dining out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an extended period of time begins to eat at your bottom line. Need a late night snack? No need to waste money at the vending machine or on room service when you can easily stock your kitchen with tailor-made refreshments.


Staying in a typical hotel room feels cramped the first night you unpack your belongings, and within a few days, you may find yourself spending as much time as possible outside the confines of its walls. (Which, of course, takes us back to point number one: Expense. Beyond the cost of your room, you will spend money just to get away from the very room for which you are paying.) Corporate housing has all the comforts a nicely furnished apartment as to offer. There is room to stretch out and breathe freely with separate rooms for sleeping, dining, relaxing, bathing, and cooking.


An extended stay means more changes of clothing to take and to need laundering. A hotel may offer laundry service at a price and on their own schedule, but the corporate housing at our Toronto Suites offers handy, onsite laundry facilities. You can even arrange to have a washer and dryer right in your own apartment! This enables your laundry to be done your way on your time schedule. Just because you are stayingin a home-like atmosphere does not mean home-like housekeeping chores, however. Once a week housekeeping and linen service allows you to relax and get down to business and, of course, the important business of unwinding when your work is done.


So, you need to meet one-on-one with a business associate. In a hotel, you have the choice of meeting your colleague at a restaurant, the hotel lounge, or in your room. The restaurant is costly, the lounge and restaurant, both, lack privacy, and your cramped hotel room threatens your professional demeanor. The perfect alternative is the attractive, private, and spacious surroundings found in your corporate housing apartment. There you can offer refreshments from your own kitchen, map out strategy at your own dining table, and relax with your colleague in the comfort of your living room.

When your extended business trip brings you to Toronto, choose to save money, remain comfortable, and maintain your professionalism, by renting corporate housing through Toronto Suites.