The Benefits of Corporate Housing

You've just been assigned to a new project and said it is up to you to spend the next two months in Toronto, Ontario. Your company told you that they will help you with short term housing payments for a hotel or an apartment if you can find one.

Fortunately, the corporate temporary housing market is booming, in fact, in 2006 alone, it was worth 2.5 billion dollars. Compared to an extended stay hotel, many business travelers are turning to housing companies because they provide the comfort and convenience of home - because they are generally furnished apartments, usually located in residential areas, supplied with furniture, home products and your utilities are also included in your rental costs. Most properties offer month to month leases and include answering machines, maid service and a variety of other services designed to make your stay more at ease. Furthermore, unlike hotels, fully furnished apartments do not have additional charges added on to them.

Another reason for considering corporate housing is if you have been transferred from somewhere else. If you currently live in Alberta and you just said you and your family will be moving to Toronto, Ontario you will be in a position where you will need accommodation not only for yourself but also for your family. It is extremely difficult to find adequate housing for you and your whole family unless you are in the area, and corporate housing may be the ideal solution while you are looking for a house.

Three-bedroom houses for sale in Toronto prices are anywhere between $ 300, 000 and $ 1,200,000 and want to make certain you get the best home for you and your family. Using a furnished apartment business as a short-term housing solution for you and your family provides you with the luxury of taking your time before investing in a new house. Units come fully furnished with all facilities, including full size appliances, bed linens, bath towels and many have their own gym (and swimming pool). If this seems like a great alternative to renting an unfurnished apartment, a corporate housing community may just be what you've been looking for.

Generally rental properties range in price from $ 600 to $ 1400 per month in the Toronto area. On top of that, you must pay all of your own utilities and buy all your own furniture, furnishings and other necessities. Toronto corporate housing usually costs between $ 1900 and $ 3600 and provides fully furnished apartments giving you almost everything you need until you find a permanent home. Because the temporary housing companies' apartments are usually run by a management company, whenever a new person moves in these units, they are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure that your experience is nothing less than positive.