Evaluating the Next Big Step – Living in Toronto Pros and Cons

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area continues to grow every year with new residents moving in to enjoy the benefits of living in Toronto. Whether you are considering a move from the United States or from another area of Canada, it is always a good idea to do your research and make a list of living in Toronto pros and cons.


Pros of Living in Toronto

Arts and Culture – Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and there is never any shortage of incredible art to take in. From the most popular artists in the world coming into town for shows and concerts to local and community art from dances to stage performances, Toronto is a hotbed for culture. Websites like www.TorontoArtsOnline.com are great for browsing current and future events. Toronto is also home to six professional sports teams, including the Maple Leafs in hockey and the Blue Jays in baseball.

Shopping and Restaurants – Toronto’s diversity not only lends itself well to the arts, but to food and shopping as well. Different parts of Toronto are covered with different types of restaurants and shopping experiences, from small mom and pop boutiques to giant chain locations. Downtown Toronto is one of the most popular parts of the city for shopping and dining, which also makes it a popular place to live. Urban living suites in Toronto like those found at http://www.torontosuites.com/ put residents in the heart of the city.

Education – Toronto prides itself on its education system, and rewards its teachers with some of the highest salaries in the country. As a result, Toronto is a great place for anyone to get an education, from the elementary schools up to the colleges. The University of Toronto is just one of a handful of popular schools in the city, and these schools provide an all-around experience tied in with the culture around the city.

Public Transportation – With a collection of buses, street cars and an underground subway system, Toronto gives its residents the option of not owning a car and instead relying solely on public transportation. Information on public transportation such as schedules and fares can be found on the Toronto Transit Commission’s official webpage at www.ttc.ca/. Once residents have familiarized themselves with the public transit system, it is easy to get just about anywhere in the city.


Cons of Living in Toronto

Hustle Bustle – Being the largest city in Canada and the fifth most populous city in all of North America, Toronto is very crowded. It is also growing on a yearly basis, with projections of nearly eight million people expected to live in the Greater Toronto Area by 2025. For people that are used to big city life, this won’t be out of the ordinary and may even feel just like home. But for someone moving in from the suburbs of Canada or the United States, the sheer amount of people and noise can be overwhelming. Fortunately, most of the people you meet in this diverse city will be friendly and welcoming.

Traffic – Another side effect of a crowded city is bad traffic. If you own a car, you have to factor traffic into planning out your commute on a day-to-day basis. Even if you opt not to bring your car and use public transportation instead, you will deal with big crowds and traffic especially during peak hours. Once again, this is a comparative con; people from cities like Los Angeles and New York City will be used to heavy traffic, but those from small towns may not be.