Valentine's Day in Toronto

For years Valentine's day has been celebrated with sweets and romantic dinner, if you plan to break this traditional string there are lots celebrations that you can partake of to make that special someone feel even more special. If you love theatre then Whistler' Valentine's Theatre will interest you with its opening from February 10,2009 to February 14,2009 on 995 Broadview Avenue. The themes will be centered around comedy, live performances with main theme being love. Of equal interest is the Valentine's Day Dance held in the same location from February 10, 2009 to February 11,2009 . You can sharpen your steps with different dance moves ranging from salsa, Rumha you name it.

If you are single then Toronto by no means has left you out of its many plans for Valentine's day. On February 12, 2009 there is the Anti-Valentines Day After Work Party held on 15 Mercer Street, that will host over 400 singles, sensational food and cheap, good quality martini with grand prize being a trip to New York. If you still crave more then 'rock on over' to Open Hearts that will be held from February 14, 2009 to February 15,2009, who knows you may even meet someone.

Maybe you prefer something a but more 'snug', there are lots of bars and lounges in Toronto to have a romantic drink.Places like Laid,Margret,Panorma,The Paddock will be having special offers to commemorate Valentine's Day away from home. Not only are these special offers but depending on your personality whether you be an extrovert or an introvert looking for an event that you can identify yourself with, these many options are your ticket to a definite match.

For those who prefer the traditional approach Toronto has lots of shops and be warmed that many shopping malls will be filled with anxious shoppers looking for that ideal box of chocolates or gift to take back with them. You will find just about anything in Toronto and gifts that will cater to any budget, from an expensive diamond ring to a simple sock, Toronto will be full of surprises for you on Valentine's Day.