Toronto More Than Just A Big City

Whether it is your first visit to Toronto or you have lived there for years there is undoubtedly one thing that many will agree, Toronto's cultural diversity is by far astounding. There are more that 80 ethnic groups in this big city contributing towards it vast options in food and cultural appreciation. For first time visitors who want more than just visits to the museum and art galleries, Toronto, like it's cultural diversity has many options geared towards any interest throughout the year.


The size of the city may overwhelm you at fist, but on a whole Canadians are open people willing to help you if you get lost. Depending on the time you may arrive in Toronto you may be surprised with annual yearly celebrations that have not left the Canadian calendar since they were first implemented.You may have to compete a bit to get a privileged view of many yearly celebrations, but it will be all worth it in the end.


The WinterCity Festival hosted in late January until the early part of February every year is an artistic expression that allows you to be face to face with many ice statues sculpted by unquestionably talented artists. There are many forms and shapes to this narrative moment that allows one to see a rather new approach towards art. Though short lived, and it is understandable why, you will definately remember each artistic shape for years to come. Of equal interest is the culinary talent taken to the WinterCity Festival that will warm up any taste bud.The celebration lasts for 14 days so take your time to unpack and meet business deadlines, you will have lots of time to see.


There is also a yearly Toronto Street Festival that accounted for more than 1 million participants in 2008. This is an interesting option for an extrovert seeking adventure and fun. With it's vast culinary options and outbursts of local talent in shows and music it really is understandable why many people have 'flocked' around to get a slice of this entertaining cake. Unlike the WinterCity Festival this is a three day event that is bound to bring in the summer with unbelievably warm vibrations.


You will be equally impressed with the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival held in summer that has so successfully represented in the fullest sense the Chinese expression of art and culture. You will feel the competition as millions of curious onlookers like your self partaking in breathtaking scenes from row boats captivating you with impressive drumbeats that spur unfailing participation and interest. You will agree that this is not just another boat competition as creative dedication has been invested to carefully design each dragon boat to make it a sight for sore eyes.


Summer entertainment has not ended with just the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and yearlyToronto Street festival. If you are seeking an opportunity to wet your tastebuds with quality brewed beer there is also another populated event held in mid-August, the Festival of beer. At this event you may leave drunk with excitement and fulfillment after sampling more then 200 brands of beer made from the finest brewing industries in the county.


The Kensington Karnival held on the 21st of December is another exciting pass time for single travelers or those who are traveling with a family. The streets are filled with lots of colorful items and everything is at an affordable price.You will only need to make a few steps here and there and you are surrounded by a world of variety both in culture and in options.


Toronto is more than just a big city. It is a breathing entertainment center that has many attractions to see and do throughout the year. So if you are coming to Toronto any time soon, don't take the flight back home unless you have seen it all.